If you close your eyes, you'll feel a live expert Tabla Player and Swarmandal Player are accompanying you!


A quick walk through of all the features.


Watch an interview of the creator of NaadSadhana conducted by NDTV's Gadgets 360


Watch an interview with the creator of NaadSadhana where he talks about using Artificial Intelligence to evolve Music.


Watch an interview with the creator of NaadSadhana where he talks about bringing the best features of the Gurukul system into the digital age.


Watch an interview with the creator of NaadSadhana where he talks about how to practice Indian microtonal music (22-Shrutis).



Talented Tabla

Imagine having unlimited access to your own personal expert Tabla Player. Using Artificial Intelligence, NaadSadhana analyses your music and provides appropriate Tabla accompaniment that responds to your music so quickly, it'll amaze you. Using AI, the app has an effective repertoire of millions of phrases" and an aesthetics engine that determines what will sound good, the tabla will truly complement your practice as well as performance.
New Taals will be added regularly.


Smart Swarmandal

Experience the magical ambience of a perfectly tuned, 22-Shruti Swarmandal that understands over 100 Ragas and responds to your music instantly, creatively and intelligently.
New Ragas will be added regularly.


Rich Tanpuras

A sampled Tanpura can never match the rich and resonant quality of a real tanpura. To create that 'javaridar', rich, resonant, realistic sound, NaadSadhana simulates in real time the mathematically intense physics of harmonics, overtones, a plucked string on a curved bridge, the resonant chamber, the vibrations traveling through the tanpura's body to create a Tanpura sound with Swayambhu Gandhar!


Precision Tuner

Imagine having a musical partner that tells you if your note is a bit flat or sharp, or perfect, any time, tirelessly. NaadSadhana's precision tuner has AI to detect music so that it gives you correct feedback even in noisy environments. Real-time visual biofeedback will guide you swiftly to the perfect note and help you reach higher aural and vocal resolution.


Score and Progress

See your progress over time as a score that measures your speed, accuracy and stability. A great motivation and accountability tool.


Reference Keyboard

The Reference Keyboard allows you to experience the all notes precisely, 12 Gandhar Tuned notes as well as the 22 Shrutis, the recommended tuning for Indian Classical Music. If a note does not exist in a Raga, the keyboard will not play it.


Advanced Controls

A simple and intuitive UI that will work out of the box for most. For the rest, advanced controls like EQ, javari, tone control, accompaniment modes (gentle, lively and dynamo) for Intelligent Instruments, dynamic gain control, etc.



This Indian App Has a Magical New Feature That Every Singer Will Love

By Gadgets 360, NDTV, May 2019
"It's not often that one comes across an app that pushes the boundaries of what is possible on a platform. It's even more rare to find this kind of an app being made in India by a solo developer. Naadsadhana is one such app and it's been developed by Pune-based computer scientist and classical musician Sandeep Ranade. ..." (Read More)


In a Nation of Android Users, Why These Developers Are All in on Apple’s iOS

Gadgets 360, NDTV, June 2019
“I've developed for the Android platform as a hobby and it took much more effort to get things up and running there, and then I started hitting hardware/ software limitations that became a dealbreaker for my app to run on that platform,” he says. “The only platform that allows a cutting-edge app like NaadSadhana to run smoothly is iOS.“ (Read More)


In conversation with Sandeep Ranade

Le Express, Mauritius by Rattan Gujadhur
"Many of the tabla phrases that the app plays were meticulously coded in from expert content, but the app also uses AI to improvise and create brand new phrases. These can often pleasantly surprise me. I’ll spontaneously appreciate the app’s creativity as if it’s one of my students creating a brand new and beautiful phrase!"
(Read More)



When can I expect an Android version?

NaadSadhana is pushing the limits of hardware, software, technology, AI and music and is currently only possible on iOS devices. NaadSadhana does intense real-time processing like music detection AI, synthesizing and simulating sounds for realistic instruments, Raga creativity AI, Taal aesthetics AI, analysing music (notes, raga, phrases, layakari, volume modulation, modality, bandish, mukhada, etc). To create liveness and responsiveness, the processing, decisions and execution of those decisions has to happen within a few milliseconds. Unfortunately, Android suffers from high unpredictable latency (20-200 milliseconds) which makes implementing an app like NaadSadhana impossible at the current time.


Where is Raga X or Taal Y?

Ragas and Taals will be added to the NaadSadhana App at regular intervals. If there is a Raga or Taal you need to be added, please send an email to feedback at naadsadhana dot com.


Who's the creator of NaadSadhana

Sandeep Ranade 'Naadrang' is the creator of NaadSadhana for iOS. He is a software engineer and Hindustani classical vocalist. 

As a software engineer, he has worked in the United States at companies including Google, Microsoft, Citrix, Vmware and Cirtas (startup). He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. In a career spanning 17+ years, he's gained expertise in areas of storage, file, distributed and operating systems, compression and deduplication, networking and cloud technologies, big data pipelines, artificial intelligence and machine learning, mobile development, UI, UX, graphics and logo design, etc.

Sandeep is also a Hindustani classical vocalist, composer and educator. He performs and teaches students all over the world. He has been learning music from the age of four and is currently being mentored by Padma Vibhushan Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj.

Sandeep also deeply passionate about continuous improvement, systematic practice, efficient systems, accelerated learning and optimal minimality and was in the unique position to combine multidisciplinary ideas to create NaadSadhana for iOS.

Sandeep Ranade's homepage


What is Naadyoga?

Naadyoga (Yoga of Sound) is a highly optimized system of learning and practice created by Sandeep Ranade ‘Naadrang’. Its seven levels systematically exercise all vocal capabilities needed to produce nuanced and powerful emotion effortlessly in any genre of music. Naadyoga compresses 10+ hours of practice time in 1 hour.
NaadSadhana for iOS complements Naadyoga very nicely to close the feedback loop during self learning and self practice. (Learn More)


How do I send ideas, comments, feedback?

Please email [contact at naadsadhana dot com].

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