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Apple Design Award Winner, 2021

NaadSadhana - Your personal Music Genie

Practice free, forever.

Never lose your note or beat again with NaadSadhana's precision visual-biofeedback and tons of free features:

  • Drones (Tanpuras, Surpeti)
  • Precision Tuner with 3 levels, in 160+ Ragas/Scales
  • Score and advanced statistics
  • 20+ styles of Metronome
  • 5 Octave Keyboard with Smart Keys
Practice free, forever

Jam live, anytime.

NaadSadhana will listen to you, then instantly create and play music on 11 instruments automatically using artificial intelligence.

  • Swarmandal (Automatic Melody)
  • Violin, Piano, Harmonium (Automatic Harmony)
  • Tabla (Improvised Rhythm)
  • Shaker, Ghungroo, Manjira (Percussion)
  • 8 Genres including Hindustani, Carnatic, Bollywood, Western and Fusion.
  • More instruments, rhythms, scales and genres are on their way!
Jam live, anytime!

Record like a Pro, anywhere.

NaadSadhana (v7.0) helps you create and publish studio quality content blazingly fast.

  • HD video recording (on supported devices)
  • Multitrack audio recording (each instrument on its own track)
  • In-Ear monitoring for lively feedback
  • Mixing and Effects Studio
  • Publish audio, video
  • Export entire session for advanced editing

The app with a soul

See NaadSadhana (v 6.9) create a 10 instrument backing track in real-time, as Sandeep Ranade, the creator of NaadSadhana, sings the song "Garaj Garaj" from "Bandish Bandits".

Music + AI + Design + ♥️

NaadSadhana won the prestigious Apple Design Award for Innovation in 2021.

Automatic Orchestration (Fusion)

Dr. Rucha Davalbhakta sings 5 popular western songs with NaadSadhana's Automatic Harmonizer (Violin, Piano) and Indian Drums (Tabla) to create a unique fusion.

NaadSadhana vs. others

In a new experiment to explore the pleasure a rich, interactive accompaniment gives compared to an unchanging, mechanical one, Sandeep Ranade sings a duet with himself -- "Mile Sur Mera Tuhmhara"

Romance in the air

A new Dadra taal (Gazal flavor) introduced recently meant that an old romantic song "Neendiya Chura Le Gaye Tore Naina" could be revisited!  

Bye Bye 2020

Version 6 of NaadSadhana was used to play 9 accompanying instruments and to record and mix the new song "Anand Barasao", which is a prayer for 2021.

Na Corona Karo

After the song 'Na Corona Karo' went viral and received rave reviews by musical geniuses like Late Padma Vibhushan Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj, A. R. Rahman, Daler Mehndi, Adnan Sami, Shubha Mudgal and many celebrities and musicians.

They also praised the tabla, swarmandal and harmony (strings, piano) accompaniment, and many of them thought that they were played by human experts!

Inclusive, accessible design

Dr. Anu Singh shares her experience with NaadSadhana, and how it helps her evolve as a musician even with increasing hearing loss.
NaadSadhana's vision is to help musicians of all levels, all abilities (visually impaired, hearing impaired, color blind, etc) and all cultures to practice, perform and publish their music without barriers.

How it began

Watch an interview of the creator of NaadSadhana conducted by NDTV's Gadgets 360 (May 2019)

Appreciated by Musical Greats 

NaadSadhana has received appreciation and blessings from...

Pandit Jasraj

Late Sangeet Martand
Pt. Jasraj

 S. P. Balasubrahmanyam

Late S. P. Balasubrahmanyam

TaalYogi Pt. Suresh Talwalkar

TaalYogi Pt. Suresh Talwalkar

Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar

Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar

A. R. Rahman

A. R. Rahman

Shankar Mahadevan

Shankar Mahadevan

Vidushi Shubha Mudgal

Vidushi Shubha Mudgal

Vidushi Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar

Vidushi Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar

Game changer for Indian Music.

Amazing app for practice as well as performance.

Pocket accompaniment for Amateurs and Professionals alike.

Intelligent, Impressive and a work of genius!

Path breaking app for aspiring singers.
In a class of its own!

Beyond imagination! 
You need to experience it to feel it.

NaadSadhana can completely change riyaz for the better ,from novice to ustaad.


Very Realistic! Brings your practice to a new level of enjoyment and creativity.

Selected Awards

NaadSadhana is the sort of astonishing, future-world app that could only be created by someone with an extremely specialized, almost-impossible skill set.

Sandeep Ranade was that someone.


NCPEDP MPhasis Universal Design Award

WINNER, 2020

NCPEDP-Mphasis Universal Design Award

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"Sandeep has won the Universal Design Award in the category that recognises people who work for the cause of accessibility and universal design in areas ranging from built environment, transport infrastructure, mobility & independent living aids, and assistive technology, to name a few."

"Sandeep has been recognised for designing NaadSadhana, an app that makes Indian classical music accessible to people with vision and hearing impairments. This is a first of its kind app that enables everyone, disabled and non-disabled, to train themselves in music."

Selected Press

Geek Gayak Sings a prayer for 2021

December 17, 2020

Geek Gayak Sings a prayer for 2021

Hindustan Times, City Pages, Pune

A game-changer of an app for musicians. 

The Telegraph

May 2021

A game-changer of an app for musicians. You can perfect your notes, tempo, raga, taal and so on with precise audio-visual bio-feedback, score and statistics. It’s possible to get a musical dialogue going and creative juices flowing with intelligent, artistic melody, harmony and rhythm that improvise in real time...

Pune developer Sandeep Ranade’s app Naadsadhana makes classical music accessible to visually impaired people


April 2020

Sandeep Ranade, a Pune-based software engineer and Hindustani classical singer has designed an app called NaadSadhana that will make Indian classical music accessible to visually impaired people. This is the first such app that enables people to train themselves in classical music and Sandeep plans to launch the accessible version in a few weeks’ time...

'NaadSadhana' iOS app created by Ranade helps recreate a live experience with tools like talented tabla and manjira, smart swarmandal, rich tanpuras and precision tuner.

The Hindu

April 2020

The app does intense realtime processing like music detection AI, synthesizing and simulating sounds for realistic instruments, Raga creativity AI, Taal aesthetics AI, analysing music (notes, raga, phrases, layakari, volume modulation, modality, bandish, mukhada, etc)...

This Indian App Has a Magical New Feature That Every Singer Will Love.

Gadgets 360, NDTV

May 2019

It's not often that one comes across an app that pushes the boundaries of what is possible on a platform. It's even more rare to find this kind of an app being made in India by a solo developer. Naadsadhana is one such app and it's been developed by Pune-based computer scientist and classical musician Sandeep Ranade. ...

In a Nation of Android Users, Why These Developers Are All in on Apple’s iOS

Gadgets 360, NDTV

June 2019

I've developed for the Android platform as a hobby and it took much more effort to get things up and running there, and then I started hitting hardware/ software limitations that became a dealbreaker for my app to run on that platform,” he says. “The only platform that allows a cutting-edge app like NaadSadhana to run smoothly is iOS...

In conversation with Sandeep Ranade

Le Express, Mauritius

July 2020

"Many of the tabla phrases that the app plays were meticulously coded in from expert content, but the app also uses AI to improvise and create brand new phrases. These can often pleasantly surprise me. I’ll spontaneously appreciate the app’s creativity as if it’s one of my students creating a brand new and beautiful phrase...

Let's connect!

If you have the app, you can contact us from the help tab.
You can also email us at <feedback at naadsadhana dot com>.
We look forward to hearing from you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

NaadSadhana is pushing the limits of hardware, software, technology, artificial intelligence and music which is currently only possible on iOS devices. NaadSadhana does intense real-time processing like music detection AI, synthesizing and simulating sounds for realistic instruments, Raga creativity AI, Taal aesthetics AI, analysing music (notes, raga, phrases, layakari, volume modulation, modality, bandish, mukhada, etc), multitrack recording and mixing, and live in-ear monitoring with effects. To create liveness and responsiveness, the processing, decisions and execution of those decisions has to happen within a few milliseconds.
Unfortunately, Android suffers from high unpredictable latency (20-200 milliseconds) which makes implementing an app like NaadSadhana impossible at the current time.

With version 6 that introduces multitrack recording and mixing, in-ear monitoring and other real-time processing, devices running iOS 12 struggle and this creates a poor experience. iOS 14.2 introduces several software and hardware capabilities in machine learning, neural networks, sound analysis, realtime audio, SwiftUI and more, that make certain features impossible on earlier OS's. 

Sandeep Ranade 'Naadrang' is the creator of NaadSadhana for iOS. He is a software engineer and Hindustani classical vocalist, composer and teacher.

Sandeep Ranade's homepage

NaadYoga (Yoga of Sound) is a highly optimized system of learning and practice created by Sandeep Ranade ‘Naadrang’. It systematically exercises every vocal capabilities needed to produce nuanced and powerful emotion effortlessly in any genre of music. NaadYoga compresses 8+ hours of practice time in 15 minutes.

NaadSadhana for iOS complements NaadYoga very nicely to close the feedback loop during self learning and self practice. (Learn More)

Any devices with the A11 chipset or higher will support video recording.
NaadSadhana already does 24+ tracks of simultaneous playback and recording, and runs 40+ modules of artificial intelligence that analyse music, compute responses on each instrument and then play each sound realistically.  Adding HD video preview and recording in addition to all this heavy lifting is beyond the capabilities of older hardware.

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